Guide to creating authentic family photos that tell your family story

Family photos are more than just images; what I aim to create in my photoshoots is a reflection of the love and joy that you share as a family.

To capture authentic family photos that tell a story, the biggest key is to let go of any expectations and picture-perfect moments you may have in your head and be guided by the moment you're in. Let's capture who you truly are as a family. Let's embrace the CHAOS hehe!

I have curated a few tips below to help you best prepare yourself, your partner and your children to help prepare you to create timeless and enjoyable memories for you to look back on for years to come.

Choose a Meaningful Location/Activity:

Picking a spot that is special to your family is a great way to make your photos feel more genuine. This may be the beach, a favourite hiking track, skateboarding along the sidewalk or even in your own home or backyard - wherever it is that you feel most comfortable and at ease. We are so lucky to live on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have so many beautiful outdoor locations such as creeks, rainforest walks, beaches and grassy fields to explore at your next family photoshoot.

Be Yourselves:

Let go of the pressure you put on yourself to look perfect and embrace the imperfect moments. Make silly faces, run around with your kids, tickle wars, horsey rides, and even have water fights (at the end of the session lol).

The best family photoshoots I have experienced are always when the parents are fully engaged with their children - whether that be playing games, cuddling, dancing, running, chasing etc!

Try to think of the shoot as a fun family day out - and I just happen to be there snapping some pics of what you get up to.

Dress Comfortably:

If you're wanting a relaxed & carefree outcome in your images, consider choosing more casual/laidback outfits that allow for unrestricted movement. Whether it's running, playing, or lifting kids, being able to move freely translates into authentic and natural family photographs.

Let the Kids Lead:

Allowing the little ones to be themselves and discover things in the natural environment leads to amazing photos, trust me, I can capture some magic even when the kids are running around like crazy haha. Try not to direct them too much and if they have had enough of a certain 'pose' such as a family cuddle or activity that's okay - more than likely they will come back for another turn shortly! I find young children under 5 need regular breaks within a photoshoot to run and discover new things - in this time I continue to snap away or I turn my attention to other family members for a little while.

For kids, being candid and carefree is so natural to them, so by letting them guide us through the shoot (with a little encouragement and guidance from me if needed), we can create a relaxed environment free of pressure to pose and perform which can lead to some absolutely beautiful & authentic moments for your family.

Timing Matters:

Most family photoshoots are conducted within an hour either side of sunrise or sunset if they're outdoors as this is generally the best time for light. Unfortunately, this is usually a time that is not the best for families with very young children. So to counter this, at a sunset shoot, for example, try to encourage a daytime nap and make sure kids are full and not hungry at the shoot.

Also, arriving a little early to the shoot location can help create a relaxed atmosphere as you're not rushing everyone to get there and you're not worried about being late. Arriving early also allows little ones to get familiar with the location and me before we start shooting.

Enjoy Everyday Activities:

Consider including everyday activities in your family photoshoot. Some examples could be if someone in the family plays guitar then you can bring it for some shots, skateboarding, swimming in the sea, going for a rainforest hike etc etc etc. These are all great ways to create some awesome and real-life family moments in your images.

Family photos have the power to tell your story of connection, love and growth. By embracing everyday moments and letting go of expectations we can create a beautiful & heartfelt collection of candid moments that perfectly capture your family's unique bond and love that will become treasured memories for generations to come.

Don't wait any longer to create these treasured memories. Contact me today to schedule your family photoshoot and let's make magic together!