Do I Really Need Maternity Photos?

So you might be thinking I am a little biased being a maternity photographer myself! But before I was a photographer, I also captured my own pregnancy and I regret none of it! In this post I will explain why I believe you should invest in yourself and your lifelong memories

Let's be real! Pregnancy brings about so many changes, both physical and emotional, that can sometimes make us feel less than our best. From the extra kilos to pesky acne and stretch marks, it's easy to let insecurities overshadow this beautiful journey. However, I'm here to assure you that these concerns shouldn't hinder you from capturing the magic of this special time. I'm dedicated to highlighting your most flattering angles, banishing any blemishes in post-production, and ensuring your confidence shines through. Throughout our session, I'll be your personal cheerleader, guiding you with prompts and poses so you never feel lost or uncertain about how to showcase the beauty of your pregnancy.

Here are FIVE reasons why I think you should invest in your maternity images:

Gold Coast beach maternity photographer
reason one


Imagine, in 25-30 years time. Your child has just told you they're expecting their first baby! Nostaglia sets in as you reminisce on your own pregnancy and how fast time flies. You get out your photobook or phone (or who knows what we will be displaying our images on by then haha) and you show your child your beautiful pregnancy photos you had taken when they were inside you. They get to see how excited you were, the love you and your partner both had for them so early on! Now THAT is worth investing in!

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reason two


So yes, while phones these days have insanely good cameras in them for their size - nothing will ever replace the quality of pro images and the expertise of a professional who is well versed in directing clients, finding the most flattering light and editing in professional Adobe software.

I have personally met a few clients who tried to DIY their own photoshoots at home first before they came to me at the last minute. They were never able to get the angles they wanted and also couldn't get any nice ones with their partner as they were always the ones behind the lens!

reason three


We could get a little creative in your session and do something special like a gender or name reveal! I recently had a client tell me she was going to surprise her partner with the name of their baby during the shoot. We discussed before the shoot how and when during the shoot she would reveal, the plan was to do it about halfway through and she would ask him to close his eyes while she revealed the framed name of their son (this was the name he had always wanted for a son, and she pretended throughout her pregnancy she wasn't too keen on it hehe). He was so surprised, there was even a little tear!

reason four


Having a professional photoshoot is the best excuse to get all dressed up and feel amazing!!! I have no doubt that you will feel so beautiful in your images. In my maternity shoots, I'm not afraid to tell you when something doesn't look right or if you need to move to help create a better shape.

I also have a large range of beautiful dresses for your to borrow for your maternity session - they are all so flattering for a baby bump.

reason five


During your maternity shoot, you get to have an hour quality time together having cuddles, kisses and playing games. One of the most common comments I receive after a shoot is 'that was so much fun, I didn't expect to enjoy that as much as I have!'.

During your photoshoot I aim to create a really relaxed environment where I give you prompts to do certain movements or tasks. This allows me to capture your true bond with your partner and/or family authentically. These will be images you have for years to come and always look back on this special and exciting time in your life.

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